Dementia Symptoms:Obese suffers more from dementia

A new research has revealed that people who are suffering from overweight are more likely to be effected by Dementia.Obesity has been linked with many other diseases also like,cardiovascular diseases,hypertension,osteoarthritis and many otherĀ  certain types of cancer.

The study shown by as per Australian researchers says that adults are more likely to suffer from Dementia,if they are underweight or overweight in their 40s-60s.

The lead researcher and professor at the center for Mental Health research at the Australian National University,Kaarin Anstey says “We found that in mid-life,being overweight does in fact increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.The risk is even greater for those who fall into the category of obese.”

25,000 people were studied carefully and after a close analysis researchers see that the hormones present in the body that older adults( above 60) may also suffer from Dementia if they were extremely underweight in their mid-life.

Anstey says “Practitioners and policy makers should be concerned not just with the short term effects obesity has on quality of life, but also about the long term effects that obesity can have on the aging process.”

Dementia Symptoms:

1)Forgetting recent conversations or events.

2)Difficulty in doing more then one work at a time.

3)Difficulty in solving problems.

4)Getting lost in familiar routes.

5)Misplacing of items.

6)Flat mood.

7)Personality change and reduction in social skills.

8)Difficulty in reading and writing.

9)Pronunciation of word incorrectly and speaking in confusing sentences.

10)Violent behavior and hallucinations.

People often with severe dementia may suffer from:

1)Not understanding language.

2)Not able to recognize family members

3)Not able to perform daily activities such as dressing or bathing etc.

Causes of Dementia:

a)Parkinson’s disease

b)Pick’s disease

c)Multiple Scleroids

d)Brain tumors

e)Low Vitamin B12 levels.

f)Changes in blood sugar or calcium and sodium levels.

The risk of Dementia increases as people get older.

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