Depression is not linked to Facebook addiction

There is a good news for Facebook lovers, as according to a latest research accomplished by the University of Wisconsin it is found that depression in children or any individual is not at all linked with facebook addiction. It would be totally wrong to say that social networking sites can cause any condition such as sadness or physiological loss among people.

Facebook vs depression
Facebook vs depression

Actually this research was based on the last year’s research done by the American Academy of  Paediatrics which warned parents and the general public about the negative effects of social sites upon children. According to it excess use of facebook can lead to depression problems.

Contrary to this report the new researcher says that it would be wrong to say that the fear of “Facebook Depression” individually depends upon the use of Internet among children. This research was conducted among 190 students, the Internet behaviors including its use and time spend on social sites are observed. The result showed that the students spend half of their time on facebook, when these results were compared to the depression screening results of students done by the researchers they found that there are no chances of connection between using facebook and fear of depression.

The university claims that they are the first to research upon this matter and to correct it by finding out the zero connection between using social networking sites and depression fear. It is advised to parents not to be over concerned about their children regarding the Internet use. If there is any change in their mental health such as stress, tension or depression it can be because of other reasons.

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