Depression or stress can be a reason for serious mental illness

It is somewhere true that even in the presence of millions of people you feel alone,lonely or left single.It is because of stress,depression and accentuation that your mental health gets disturbed.

World have become a universal place,it may be easy to communicate with your loved ones at far distance very easily but it is difficult to understand your own feelings.

There are many peopleĀ  who suffers from seclusion andĀ  mental distress with the result they get surrounded by various diseases or health problems.The may start over-eating or under-eating as per the mind set.

But most of the people search for some comfort level when they are depressed,and that comfort level is eating more and more food according to a Psychotherapist.This behavior results in problems like weight gain or obesity.Individuals rather than overcoming their problems merge in deeper depression levels which results in mental mishap.

Doctors says that one should express themselves in a better way.Take time to understand your feelings and then react for them.Self-esteem is very important,one should be confident about their work,build a sense of competence,achievement and self-respect.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication /therapy”


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