Acidity, its causes and prevention

Acidity is a common phenomenon which also causes heartburn.The food content in the stomach flows back to oesophagus which is very painful and causes uneasiness.There are numerous causes that lead to acidity and heartburn, optimum prevention of the disorder depends on person to person and the level of acidity experienced in the body.

If not cured and prevented at right time, the problem may become serious causing ulcers in the stomach.A healthy and well balanced diet can help reducing the problem.Acidity is caused when you skip meals or the digestive system doesn’t work properly.

Causes of acidity:

Acidity can be caused due to many factors.Such as spicy food which increases the risk of acidic contents in the stomach, the acidic food which we consume often(some fruits do have acidic content in them),the quantity of food consumed also causes acidity such as people who eat large quantity of food at a time have high chances of developing acid in the stomach, and foods like cakes or biscuits when consumed empty stomach causes acidity.

Obesity and pregnancy are another factors for the generation of acid reflux in the body.Beverages like cold drink,caffeine and smoking habits also causes acidity.

Prevention of acidity:

1)Avoid alcohol, smoking, spicy foods, steroids and similar habits.They tend to increase the risk of acidity in the body.

2)Avoid stress and try to adopt a healthy and positive lifestyle to prevent the acidity in the stomach , especially when you are the kind of person bound by the tight and stressful working schedules.

3)Avoid lifting heavy weighs or lift them with extra care as it can cause pressure in the lower abdomen and effect the digestive system.

4)Do not skip meals, learn to have a healthy regular meals all through the day.

5)Eat curd and rice at least once to reduce the effect of acidity.

6)Drink cold milk to get instant relief from the acidity problem.

Also drink lots of water, fresh juices, salads, and raw vegetable.These foods are highly beneficial to prevent acidity.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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