Loud music creates hearing disorders

There would be nothing wrong in saying that the present generation is more likely to put themselves in serious problems regarding hearing disabilities.It is very common now a days that doctors are getting more problems of hearing loss among teenagers and it is all because of the loud music.

According to a latest research It was found that the loud music listened by the teenagers 24 hours are effecting their hearing power negatively.There are plenty of hearing disorders problems common among young children in today’s scenario.

Always putting MP3 players or cell phones in the ears and that to in full volume are effecting lots of people and there are chances of getting hearing disorders in later age according to the researchers.Loud music is creating hearing damage to the ears which is a very severe problem and is far beyond understanding level of today’s generation.Constant listening to loud music can make you deaf  as your ears are very delicate part of the body and the excess volume creates damage to them.

This unwanted sound is very harmful for ears and prolonged exposure to loud music give rise to hearing loss.Loud sounds not only effects ears but it also creates psychological problems to.It can increase blood pressure,heart rate or breathing rate which might be harmful at times.A constant exposer to loud music creates tension,nervousness or irritation.

Loud music damages the sound level of ears making permanent hair loss problem.Hearing loss or being deaf is not the only problem which loud music creates there are lot more than that like having tinnitus,it is a medical term which creates ringing in the ears constantly.

There are many ways by which you can keep your ears away from all these defects just remember not to listen music on loud noise,do not wear headphones to listen music,always wear ear protection to protect your ears.A little care can be beneficial in keeping ears healthy and away from hearing disorders.

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