Dust mite increases asthma-attack:tips for hygienic lifestyle

Those people who have problems like asthma found to be very prudent about there environment. They make them secure from an asthma attack and for this they take proper hygiene care.Many asthma patient are in a habit of shifting their pillow covers as frequently as possible.

Nevertheless,they fail to concentrate on the pillows which can be the prime source to various allergens.The pillows which are not displaced for years and used continuously are very harmful to asthma patients.They are not airy and thus they act as a catalyst in an asthma attack.

In a recent study by the national institute of health environment it is said that around 50% of houses have dust mite concentrations that had a increase level of allergies higher than allergic sensitivity levels.Such a increased level of dust can you imagine with what kind of microbes you are sharing your place?

Although,this problem is not to severe for common peoples,this is completely problem for those who are suffering from asthma,allergies or respiratory ailments.If a small care and some good hygiene care are practiced this problem could be diminished.

  1. The pillows should be changed in one or two months so that they can be more airy for asthma patients.
  2. All the bedsheets and pillow covers should be cleaned with hot water weakly.
  3. Bedroom carpets should be kept clean.

This will really help the allergic or asthma patient in healthy living and  they will be prevented from the dust mites particles which are harmful to them.Even now-a-days  some allergen-obstacles bedding are available in the markets which can be used  frequently.

  • Bedding should contain allergy proof material as dust present in the house is very harmful to small children also.
  • Allergy-durable pillow or mattress  coverings are also available in the market which can be put to good use.
  • The bed cover should be kept clean and should be washed with specialized detergent soaps.

The environment of your home decides the strength of dust so your house should be neat and clean,there must be cleanliness in your home and proper care of asthma and allergic as well as children should be taken for healthy and wealthy living.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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  1. When a person suffers from an asthma attack, they are seriously in trouble because their life is greatly at risk. An asthma attack is not something that should be taken lightly considering that most of those who are suffering from an asthma attack find it difficult to breathe because there is a constriction in the chest.

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