Parkinson’s Disease: Berries are helpful for protection against Parkinson’s disease

A new study says that people who consume lots of antioxidants foods  especially berries reduces the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

Foods rich in antioxidants are generally known as Flavanoids and flavanoids are found in many variety of foods such as apples,citrus fruits and chocolates.Researchers says that such compounds can be very helpful in protecting against  some disease.

Lead researcher Dr.Xiang Gao,instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School saysAlthough it’s too early to say that eating berries can reduce Parkinson’s disease risk,benefits of berries have been reported in several previous studies, for example lowering risk of hypertension.”

The anthocyanins or berries prove to be a neuroprotective agent against Parkinson’s disease risk.The cause of Parkinson’s disease is not relly known but it sometimes appears to be both caused by environment and genetic component.

Dr.Carlos Singer,professor of neurology at University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine comments on the study “This is probably has to do with an antioxidant effect.A lot of mechanisms in Parkinson’s boil down to how the nerve cells handle oxidative stress.Many of the mechanism that are being looked at in Parkinson’s have to do with how do you make the cell work better in terms of oxidative stress.

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