Lack of protein causes male infertility

According to the latest research on male infertility researchers has found that lack of protein could be the reason for the production of infertile male sperm.Scientists has claimed that by injecting the sufficient amount of protein to male sperms could help initiating the fertilization of eggs and thus can increase the probability of pregnancy.

male infertility causes and treatment
Lack of protein may cause male infertility

There is a certain amount of protein needed to cover the sperm which enables the coated sperm to reach to an egg and starts the process of fertilization.A very important protein called PLC-zeta plays an essential role in transferring the male sperm to the egg.One of the reason behind infertile sperm may be the defective PLC-zeta which can be treated by transferring an active protein into male’s sperm so that egg’s activation can take place.

The research has been done by the scientists of Cardiff University UK.The professor of the University Tony Lai said that sometimes, it happens that sperm fuses with the egg properly but nothing happens after it.This is due to lack of some essential functions of PLC-zeta which is important to trigger the egg activation so that the egg can proceed to the next embryonic level of pregnancy.

Scientists have observed that an active PLC-zeta protein when comes in contact with an unfertilized egg,it responds in the same manner as it should do during the fertilization stage.But when it is inactive it do fails to activate the egg.The study can be very beneficial for the couples who opt for IVF treatment, it could definitely improve the chances of having a child and resolving the problem of male infertility.

The study is published in Fertility and Sterility journal.

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