India celebrates “zero polio” year, announced WHO

India accomplishes a victory in eradicating the harmful disease of Polio.India recorded not a single case of Polio in the year 2011.WHO announced India as the polio free country for the year 2012.All hospitals and health care centres  across the whole country provides vaccination of polio.WHO tagged India as “Polio free nation”.

Margaret Chan, the director general of WHO said that India’s success in removing polio cases is a great achievement in itself.It raises new hope to end polio globally too.Other countries should learn a lesson from India and adopt its techniques to finish the paralytic disease of polio completely.

Some areas of India still need the proper awareness of the disease.The states consisting of major cases of polio are Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.These states recorded high population and high birth rates every year.Reaching to some parts of the over populated states of the country becomes difficult to manage.The flood in Kosi river every year makes the the efforts of vaccination team to reach those parts of the country sometimes impossible.Somehow,efforts are still made to vaccinate children in those area and provide them sufficient protection from polio.

The country achieved remarkable success  in reducing the number of children effected from the disease.Now,more people are becoming aware about the disorder across the nation.People are  trying to access as much knowledge about the disease and the vaccination to protect their infants from the deadly disease.

In the year 1985 India registered 150,000 polio cases.The last case of polio reported in the country was on 13th of January , a two year girl  in West Bengal last year.42 cases were recorded in the year 2010 as compared to 741 cases in 2009.The progress in reduced number of cases is magnificent in India, shows the flawless efforts of the country towards eradicating the disease completely.

The organisations which are included in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative are the national government, WHO,US centres fro disease control and prevention(CDC) and UNICEF.

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