Eye care tips,problems & easy remedies

‘Eyes are the mirror of the soul and personality’ Do you want to take care of the most attractive part of your body?Here are some simple but little costly tips that can help to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

eye care tips
Eye care tips

For making your eyes healthy and beautiful it is very necessary to care of skin around the eyes.To maintain the shine of the skin around the eyes is very important to take care of when applying  the makeup.

1. Case-Wrinkles around the eyes

Diagnosis-To clear the crows feet,bags or dark circles around the eyes the things that can be put to use are botox with lazier or chemical peals.Under eye gels or almond oil when put to continuous use  can eliminate these eye problems.

2. Case-  Bend in the eyes

Diagnosis- With an increase in time the skin near the eyelids gets loosen up and the skin bends down when creates heaviness near the eyes.This makes you look aged and stressful.For this type of problem crows feet are eliminated by giving botox to the affected part and once the eye muscle gets relaxed the eyelids move upwards making the eyes more open and young.Massage your eyes with olive oil this will help in making the loose skin little tight.

3. CaseDeep black circles below the eyes

Diagnosis– Many times the skin below the eyes becomes very thin sometimes because of stoppage of blood or because of veins gets collected in one place with the result dark deep circles gets created.To eliminate them filler injections are used.This makes the skin below the eyes normal reducing the thinness.By the help of corrective cleansers dark circles are be hidden very easily.

4. Case- Lot of fat gets collected below the eyes and creates swelling

Diagnosis-The swelled portion can be corrected through surgeries.You can also put the chilled tea bags from the fridge on the eyes for some time.It gives a relief to your eyes.

Make your eyes beautiful, impressive and girlish.Eyes reflects your personality therefore take care of your eyes and keep them away from all the diseases.“Let you soul speak through your eyes”

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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