Cycling may cause harm to men fertility

A recent study has  revealed that men who used to cycle more have the chances of  loosing their fertility more compared to other men.The researchers said that men who pedal more than 180 miles a week has  less than 4 percent of the  normal sperms.It lowers the chances of being their fatherhood compared to  other men.

The research was shown on the silver jubilee annual conference of European Society of Human Reproduction and EmbryologyDiana Vaamonde, the professor of University of Cordoba Medical School said that men who spend most of their time in cycling develops worst number of sperm compared to other men.

Vaamonde and his team mates had made many similar studies earlier which showed that high and intense exersice deteriorate  the number of quality of sperms in men.They expanded their area of study to more extent and found that men who pedal more frequently are not able to produce good quality sperms.

Vaamonde further said that the study do not point to a particular factor but it may be due to other factors such as compression that arises due to friction of testes against the saddle or irritation or may be due to tight clothes.

Other factors that are responsible for causing infertility in men may be the  by product of oxygen molecules whose reaction increased due to stress to such a level that they destroy the cell structures and causes disturbances in sperm production.

The study was performed on 15 healthy cyclists, competing at national and international level.The results of the study showed that the volume of cycling was inversely proportional to sperm morphology.

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