Eye makeup tips according to the complexion

“This is a precious present,regardless of what yesterday was like,regardless of what tomorrow may bring.When your eyes open,you can find immense beauty hidden within inconsequential details of daily life”. Eyes are the soul of heart and for making them look more beautiful check out some eye makeup tips here.

Eye makeup tips;

Eye makeup tips
Eye makeup tips

Dusky skin tone-

Those whose skin color is between fair and dark completion should try heavy eye makeup.Try giving a smoky look to your eyes.Apply kajal,colored eye pencils,eye shadow and mascara as they give a bold look to your eyes.But always keep in mind the occasion and your dress style before  doing a heavy eye makeup.

Whitish complexion– Give a look of bronze or gold color to the eyes.Use golden eye shadows.

Fair skin tone-

Fair skin tone
Fair skin tone

Use those shades for eye makeup which are not so much dark and not to light.For day looks use very less eye makeup.Apply black or brown mascara.If you are applying heavy eye makeup then try to keep your lips natural.Or if you are applying dark eye makeup then make your lips highlighted.

Shading selection according to the colors of eyes;

Shading selection
Shading selection
  • If your eyes color is dark brown then select bronze,copper or brown eye shadow.For more glamorous look select green color.
  • ¬†If you have black color eyes then you an select any shade.Brown,soft gold or grey eye shadow color will look beautiful in you.
  • For blue eyes choose silver,fustian or dark colors shades for making the eyes more trendy and attractive.

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