Foods that boost up the metabolism

Increasing metabolism means losing weight or staying away from gaining pounds.Foods that increases metabolism helps cutting extra fat.Eating right food, especially those which increases the metabolism are best way to lose weight very easily.Intake of such foods make you one step ahead in the process of loosing extra pounds.Increase in metabolism in body, burns extra fat in a propionate manner.

Foods that boosts up the metabolism do not allow body to store extra fat. Foods such as fish,fruits and vegetables are good to eat.It is very necessary to know the food which are responsible for fat storage in the body and decreases the  metabolism rate.Foods such as alcohol and dessert slows the metabolism,so they should be completely avoided.

Foods that increases the metabolism and helps reducing weight are:

1)Oatmeal- The first step to increase metabolism is to have a good and healthy breakfast.And oatmeal is the best advised meal to have first in morning.Oatmeal is rich in fat soluble fibre which decreases the risk of heart diseases and lowers the cholesterol level too.

2)Soups-Soups let people to have less solid meals in their diet.It boosts up the metabolism  and burns extra fat in the body.Soups contribute to a very healthy and well balanced diet which suits people who are trying to lose weight in less time.

3)Eggs- Eggs are the one which are rich in protein.Protein is the compound which needs extra energy to get digested well in the body, hence it requires more fat to burn and increases metabolism.

4) Olive oil- Olive oil is best known to keep cholesterol  at an appropriate balanced level.Olive oil contains good healthy and  unsaturated fats unlike other fatty oils.Thus increasing metabolism and burning excess fat.

5)Green tea- Green tea is one of the best metabolism boosting food.If you want to give a kick start to your metabolism,have a cup of green tea.A cup of green tea per day helps increasing metabolism and cutting excess fats.

6) Yoghurt- Yoghurt is one of the best food included in Indian meals. Yoghurt is rich in protein and calcium.It increases the metabolism and  also helps synchronising the digestive system.people who are trying to loose weight must include a bowl of yoghurt in their daily meal.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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