Fragmented sleep can cause Dementia

A new research has revealed that if you are experiencing fragmented sleep then its high time to consult your doctor.It greatly effects  the ability to build memories and can lead to dementia later in life.

Researcher Dr. Luis de Lecea who leads a team at Stanford University  which carried out the study says” Sleep continuity is one of the main factors affected in various pathological conditions that impact memory including Alzheimer’s disease and other age related problems.”

The study is published in the lastest edition of “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science” journal.In their research the scientists found that animals who experience disrupting sleeps had difficulty to recognize familiar objects.

Addiction to alcohol and sleep apnoea can also be the reason behind broken sleep.The researchers also says “ We concluded that inspite of total amount of sleep or sleep intensity, a minimal unit of uninterrupted sleep is crucial for memory consolidation.”

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