Good posture is a sign of good health: correct postures for standing & sitting

‘It is true  that a good posture symbolizes good health’, weather it is a male or a female the first thing that grasp your eyes is their pose.As it is said first impression is the last impression.So, friends for good health you have to correct your posture first.A straight or direct posture shows reliance and glory in one self.


While a low or bent person gives a weak or defeated impression to others.The problem starts with the young boys and girls of today,actually they are unable to maintain a good attitude,but why? the answer to this problem is that it is because your habit of studding,working,walking,sitting etc keeping your back bent.

When children are small much notice is not given to their posture and latter on it became habit to keep their back down towards the ground i.e bent. It is not merely about giving a good attitude or showing  good impression but in addition it is about your good health.


If you are in a practice of sitting or walking straight in a good posture it shows how healthy the person is.Most of you must be in a habit of using many cosmetic products to look fair or smart more beautiful to make your complexion more better. So why not first check your posture first.Remember your posture is a first thing that would be noticed not your complexion.


Best posture for standing:

  • When you stand up make sure your head should be straight with your chin not prominent.
  • your earlobes should be in a line with the center of your shoulder.
  • Your shoulder blades should be drawn behind.
  • Your chest and knees should be upright.
  • Avoid standing in a same place for a long time.
  • Keep distance between your legs.
  • Your hands should be in a relax posture.
  • Keep your back straight without bending backward or forward.


Correct posture for sitting:

  • Avoid crossing your legs while sitting.
  • Sit straight,don’t lean on the chair.
  • Try keeping your feet flat on the ground.
  • Sit smartly and in a relax manner.

A poor or bad posture can result in spinal or or joint dysfunction.It can also lead to many other health problems.It may cause long term pain to your body.So, start maintaining a good posture for your body from today. As it is said its never to be late to make a start.


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