Red onions prevent heart attacks:consuming red onions can hinder diseases

A modern study said that red onion which is used as a spice in food items is good for heart and it prevent heart from many diseases.Basically the red onion removes the unwanted cholesterol from the body which causes heartaches and heartbreaks.

The ingredients of the red onion help in preserving the useful cholesterol in the body and give protection against many harmful heart diseases.It is the first study which investigate with the interplay of red onions with medecinal functions.

It is also said that if you are in a regular habit of consuming red onions it will help in reducing coronary heart diseases in your body.

In fact red onions are widely used in India and are consumed to.Besides all this onions are having many health benefits like preventing from cough,cold, and cancer.

Places where more amount of onions and garlic are used have less health problems.In fact the case of havingĀ  stomach cancer is 40% less if red onions are consumed daily.

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