Hair and skin care : Vodka and wine best for hairs and glowing skin

A glass of wine is not just beneficial for heart but also contains antioxidants that can help your hairs and skin glowing forever.Many  beauty companies combines extracts from famous drinks such as champagne, vodka,beer,cider and wine into their products.

Sarah Adam beauty buyer for QVC skincare saysThe grape extracts from champagne provide antioxidant protection from the free radicals which can prematurely age skin.”

Not only wine glows your skin, in fact proteins from beer provides shining to your hairs and add volume to them.

Corrigan mother of 3 daughters says “My hair loss  began 4 yrs ago with two small patches of alopecia on the back of my head. But within a few months I was  horrified to notice the patches were spreading all over my head.

Generally, a protein called serum ferritin which is responsible for the storage of iron when decreases below 40mg causes apparent hair loss and. An average woman needs 15mg of iron per day.

Since iron rich and sugar free diet is difficult to find therefore Corrigan started eating her own devised meals which includes a fortified cereal  and orange juice for breakfast, salad and ham sandwich on wholewheat bread for lunch and cockles and seafood paella for dinner.

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