Hair Fall prevention: Tips to reduce hair fall

Hair-fall  is a very common dilemma of the present time.Hair loss can be due to wrong conditioner or shampoo, bad weather diet and medicines.

Irregular sleeping patters and selection of wrong hair-care products can result sin excessive hair loss.

Here are few tips to reduce hair fall:

1) Healthy hairs can be maintains by a good oil massage, as it improves blood circulation and reduces hair fall.

2) In case you  color your hairs regularly, then leave a gap of at least 6 to 8 weeks between each sessions.Let your hairs to turn grey naturally.

3)Hair follicles can be strengthen by a healthy diet consisting of lots of calcium.Therefore it is suggested to include a good amount of calcium to your diet.

4)Use of  herbal hair care products which consists of organic ingredients is also helpful to reduce hair fall.

5)One of the root cause of hair loss is the intake of alcohol and tobacco. So, it is better to quit such habits.

Also, exercising  regularly along with a good balanced diet  increases  blood circulation and thus irrigates your scalp.Soyabeans are also meant to be a good source of vitamin E and iron that provides oxygenation of tissues, as without oxygen hairs does not grow.



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