World’s Top Five Most Desired Food

World’s Top Five Most Desired Food

# Massaman curry  OfThailand

Known as the king of curries, and as well as the king of all foods available. Made From  Spicy, coco nutty, deliciously sweet and savory,the flavors are have a very effective combination.

When eaten with rice tastes magnificent.

“TheLandofSmiles” is not just a advertising statement..It in fact means  a land where the most delicious food is sold..

#Sushi From Japan

Japan has always did whatever it wanted.It has always proved itself superior over others in many ways then why to sit behind when it comes to food..Some of Japan’s traditional dishes have  always been relished by all . The raw fish and rice,though it sounds simple  but when cooked by Japanese hands tastes excellent.

The dish is very popular among them and is a popular dish among people meeting for the first time..

# Seafood paella of Spain

In front of the beautiful sea, a Luke hot breeze touches the tablecloth to your feet and after that a steamy plate of paella comes ready for you. Shrimp, Delicious lobster and cuttlefish mixed with white rice and various herbs, oil with salt in  Valencian dish to send you to holiday mode.

The ambiance created is thus incomparable to any other thing and the delicious food served is excellent…

#Shepherd’s pie, Britain

For some people the greatest inventions of Britain are steam engine but we look it differently . For us shepherd’s pie with minced lamb topped with mashed potato comes is first on the list.
It would look best when on a rainy day sitting in front of a open fire eating it with friends all around..

#Lobster, global

This one dish is relished by all most the whole world…Dont remember all those fancy dishes just look at this thing and eat it..Dont cook it to much simply just boil it and have it with some lemon .


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