Magical Mushroom and its health benefits

Mushroom is an excellent health promoter and has many medicinal purposes since ages.People in Greece considered  it as a source of strength and Chinese took them as a health boosting food.Mushroom are immune booster for health.There are 14000 varieties of mushrooms in the entire world out of them 3000 are  eatable , 700 has medicinal properties and 1400 are poisonous.

Mushrooms are basically belongs to the group of fungus,they are not plants.A research at Beckman Research Institute in California has proved  that mushroom consists of compounds that helps checking  prostrate and breast cancer cells.

The different varieties of mushroom includes-

-White Mushroom:helps in losing weight and prevents prostrate cancer.

-Shiitake mushroom: helps fighting tumors.

-Reishi mushroom: consists of anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibacterial properties.

-Maitake mushroom:prevents breast cancer.

-Oysters:prevents HIV.

-Chanterelle mushroom: have high contents of  vitamin C,D and potassium.

-Porcini mushrooms: acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory.

-Shimeji mushroom: helps fighting asthma and tumours.

Health benefits of Mushrooms:

1)Mushroom consists of 90 percentage of water and contains very less calories.They have high fibre content and are low in sodium and fat.Thus, aid in weight loss.

2)Mushrooms are rich in potassium.Thus helps in reducing blood pressure  and prevents stroke.

3)Mushroom is the one containing good amount of copper and is beneficial for heart and prevents heart diseases.

4)As mentioned above white button mushrooms have the tendency to reduce the risk of breast cancer and prostrate cancer.It helps in reducing the tumor size.

5)Mushrooms are rich in fibre,vitamin B and protein ,hence helps in  maintaining a good and healthy metabolism.

6)Mushroom extracts are famous to check headaches originated due to migraine and is beneficial for treating mental illness.

7)Mushrooms consists of a compound called selenium is an antioxidant that stops cells from damaging and prevents cancer.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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