Hair care tips; changing hairstyles

Hair can be of any type-oily,dry,normal,straight or curly be proud to them.It is enough to have hairs now a days as due to increasing pollution and chemicals lots of people are suffering from hair fall problems.Love your hairs and take care of them.

healthy hair tips
Healthy hair tips

Normally most of the people don’t like their hairs and wish to have hairs like others.If your hair are curly you wish for straight hairs and vise a versa.Start loving your hair as they are.You have your natural look and except it proudly.If you will start working on your hair by taking proper care of them,they will definitely grow healthy and long.

By applying chemical treatment to your hair you can get hair of your wish but that will remain for a short period of time and after-wards they will get weak and start falling.The best option is to except your hairs as they are naturally or else you can suffer various hair problems.

Tips to change the looks of the hair without any harm.

Straight hairs-

If you are bored with your straight hair then you can give them a curly look by some gel or mousse.Just roll-up the hair after applying a gel.

  • Divide your hair into small sections and make small tight  plates.Open all the plates after some hours you will get your hair curly.
  • Try to make high pony.
  • Go for voluminous hair cut.
  • Avoid any permanent hair treatment.They make hair dry and rough.

Curly hairs-

Many girls wants to change their curly hairs to straight hairs.But according to hair experts curly hairs add sparkles your personality.These are natural and strong.You can make your curly hairs more beautiful with little extra care and protection.Avoid doing any chemical treatment to the hair.After straightening you have to take extra care about the touch ups because without touch ups your hairs will look bad and ugly.

  • For making your hair straight then apply live-in-conditioners after the wash and avoid the blow dry.
  • For going to a party or a special occasions you can iron your hair.
  • Avoid the bob cut or short hair styles.
  • Use good shampoos and oil.Go for a hot oil therapy once in a weak.

How to make hair healthy?

  • Apply oil massage to your hairs regularly and shampoo after half an hour.
  • Add two almonds in your breakfast daily.
  • Take a protein treatment once in a weak.
  • Take balanced diet.
  • Do not forget to trim the hair once in six months.
  • Try new hair styles if you are bored with old ones.
  • Apply Aloe Vera hair pack before hair wash.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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