Health benefits of potatoes; potato curry (kurma) recipe

Potatoes are not only rich in carbohydrates but also contains many other health benefits.Iron plays an important role in our body which is provided by potatoes.Potato can be said as the anti-stress mineral because of its rich mineral properties.

health benefits of potatoes
health benefits of potatoes

Potatoes are one of the key ingredient in Indian dishes.They are tasty as well as healthy to.Potatoes are always linked with weight gain but have you ever thought about its health benefits? Potatoes are one of the healthy food of the daily diet which not only benefits internally but externally to.Have a look-

Health benefits of potatoes;

  • Potatoes are rich in Carbohydrates and also contains some amount of proteins.If you want to gain weight from a long time then switch over to potatoes as adding them to the daily diet helps in reducing under weight problems.
  • Potatoes mainly contain carbohydrates that is why it keeps the digestive system under control.It is a useful diet for unhealthy people and children.
  • Those who have problems in digesting food can eat potatoes as they need energy to.But keep in mind that over consumption of potatoes can lead to acidity problems.
  • Minerals like vitamin-C,vitamin-B complex,potassium,magnesium,phosphorus and zinc are very useful for skin purpose.You can also mix honey to potato paste and apply as face packs.This reduces pimples and marks from the face.
  • Potato juice is very useful in curing scalded skin or any type of skin problems.

Potato curry (kurma) recipe- ‘a tasty ready to made Indian cuisine’

Potato kurma
Potato kurma


potato-2, peas-1 cup, mustard- 1 spoon, chopped garlic-2 spoon, ginger- 1 spoon, green chili-according to the taste, coconut milk- 1 cup, oil, salt, 1 onion, 1 tomato,

Method- Take some peeled potatoes and cut them in cubical shapes,now prepare the paste of ginger,garlic and green chili.Cut onions and tomatoes and fry in oil til they become brown.Now add peas and the paste prepared above.Now mix potatoes,salt and  turmeric powder,put the mixture for cooking .Once the potatoes gets ready add coconut milk to it and keep it for 5 minutes.Now switch of the gas and garnish your dish with coriander leaves.



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