What causes premature aging?

Premature aging is caused due to many external reasons.Everything depends on the way you take care of your health and the lifestyle you follow everyday.Unhealthy diet leads to premature aging of the skin and you starts looking older faster than the normal period of time.The premature aging concept varies from person to person and the the exposure to stressful environment.

Stress is the main culprit  behind the process of premature aging.Researchers have shown that stress damage the cellular fabric of the human body that causes faster aging in adults.

Here are some causes of early/premature aging


Cigarette smoking causes huge damage to life as well as to your skin.Whether you have a smoking habit or you spend time in such environment, both lead to damage your skin.The wrinkles starts appearing and the the skin becomes dry due to smoking.The main compound of your body vitamin C, which is responsible for the healthy skin starts vanishing due to cigarette smoke.

2)Poor diet

Unhealthy diet or poor meals habit leads to premature aging.Body regularly needs balanced amount of protein and nutrients to stay healthy and strong.A diet not rich in antioxidants fails to provide the accurate amount of nutrient to keep skin healthy.Antioxidants play very important role in protecting the body from  cells that destroy the free radicals produced by the body.

3)Lack of exercise

Exercise helps keeping your body fit and muscles toned.Researches have found that people who do not follow a regular well organised fitness regime suffer from dementia in older age. Exercise has a positive effect on the skin of your face.It keeps you energetic and happy throughout the day.


Stress leads to less care of the body.Keeping yourself busy all the time makes you away from the well balanced and healthy diet.Stressing can be seen on your face every time you feel it.It effect harshly and causes premature aging.Body releases stress hormones constantly when you are under stress due to which wrinkles starts appearing on your skin.

5)Less sleep

Less or restless sleep makes you depress and you feel tired every time.The first appearance of lack of sleep can be seen on your face .The eyes becomes baggy and and dark circles starts forming around the eyes.Less sleep causes symptoms like memory loss and depression. that leads to negative thoughts in your mind.An adult should have atleast 8-9 hours of sleep.Try to avoid caffeine too during daytime.

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