Health benefits of water; tips to be kept in mind while drinking water

Your body should be suitably hydrated for better and good health signs.Water is very important for health, it insures proper brain function and perfect memory.It also helps in maintaining proper metabolism in the body.

Water is a very important part of human body,our body is made up of more than two third of water.Here are some health benefits of water which can be helpful to you in some or the other way.

Importance of water;

  • Water improves the digestive proses and reduces constipation problems.
  • Drinking plenty of water makes your teeth and bones stronger.
  • When the skin cells are well hydrated wrinkles and pimples problem are less observed.

  • Water not only clears your skin but is also effective in problem of weight loss.
  • Inside hydration makes skin more soft,clean and shinning.
  • Taking a hot bath before bed helps in giving more peaceful and restful sleep.
  • It forms the basis of saliva.
  • It helps in regulating body temperature.

Whether you want a shinning skin,thick hair or good health water can solve any of these problems,You can call it a magic or medicine which can cure anything.Pure and clean water is a boon to human health.Now,some water consumingĀ  tipsĀ  which are helpful in maintaining health and fitness of your body.

Tips for healthy living;

  • Do not drink more than one glass of water at a time this produces the problem of digestion.
  • Try drinking water after one or two hours of eating because immediate drinking of water after meals is hazardous for health.
  • If you have problems like cold and cough try drinking hot water instead of cold.
  • If your stomach is empty from long time try drinking juice if you feel thrust because it is unhealthy to drink water at this time.

  • Avoid drinking water immediately when you get up after sleep.
  • Do not start running immediately after drinking water.
  • It is very beneficial to drink water at the morning time before breakfast and totally unhealthy after it.

Drinking plenty of water regularly helps in reducing the risk of cancer by 40%,bladder cancer by 55% and it is also effective in breast cancer.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication”


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