Obesity A Reason Behind Breast Cancer

If you are women with overweight,  then its very important to you to lose your  weight. Overweight is a big problem for every person because due to overweight you can’t do your work properly, not easy to adjust every where & many more. But If we talk about women with overweight then their is one more big problem i.e breast cancer. Yes according to researchers Obesity is a biggest reason behind the most common form of breast in older women.

According to a data source in UK one in eight women develop breast cancer in their lifetime & most of these tumors are “hormone sensitive” meaning their growth is fuelled by hormones.

Post menopausal women with high levels of oestrogen &  testosterone have high risk of breast cancer in comparison to the women with the lowest levels.

Pregnancy, the oral contraceptive pill &  the menopause are some factors that influence hormone &  can change a woman’s breast cancer risk.

In British Journal of Cancer a latest article published that obesity should go at the top of this list, not least because it is a lifestyle factor that women can have some control over.

Maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing alcohol consumption are key to reducing breast cancer risk” said Dr Julie Sharp Cancer Research UK

The Oxford University team studied the health records of nearly 6,300 post-menopausal women, looking for factors that might explain why some developed hormone sensitive breast cancer when others did not.

A woman’s weight is a big reason behind on a woman’s sex hormone levels, shortly followed by smoking and alcohol consumption.

Women who are overweight or  have a body mass index of 25 or more – had high levels of hormones like oestrogen & progesterone.

 “This is an important study as it helps to show how alcohol and weight can influence hormone levels. Understanding their role in breast cancer is vital and this analysis sheds light on how they could affect breast cancer risk. We know that the risk of the disease can be affected by family history and getting older, but there are also things women can do help reduce the risk of the disease. Maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing alcohol consumption are key to reducing breast cancer risk.” said Dr Julie Sharp, of Cancer Research

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