Eating Awareness : Eat healthy stay healthy

Dietitians and nutrition consultant says that mindful eating is all about  how and why you eat not that what you eat.It is very important to watch out what kind of food you consume daily.


To understand why,what, when and how we eat, we have to be compassionate and non-judgment.This allow us to get closer look at our behaviorA human brain consumes lot of energy to do daily mental activities.This energy can be gained from carbohydrates- glucose, which is provided by the food we eat and the glycogen stored in the body

— Sveta Bhassin ( Nutrition and Diet consultant)

Sometimes during stress some hormones associated with this situation are released in the body which protects our organs from any damage and creates a demand on the energy stored in the body.This phenomena causes a drop in the blood sugar level, followed an immediate craving to eat something that gives pleasure.

It is not possible to avoid stress at times but the adverse effect can be avoided by healthy living, and specially healthy eating.

Stress hormones can be balanced by yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises.It is better to eat small frequent meals full of good quality carbohydrates and proteins which not only ensures a constant flow of sugar  top brain but also minimizes the drop in blood sugar levels.

Get the most benefits from your diet by eating slowly rather in haste or while watching TV or chatting on the internet. Second thing to be considered is to eat regularly, smaller meals are far better than three large meals a day. You can eat more during the day time and eat less at night so as to compensate for the drop in metabolism.It is perfectly alright to eat something which makes you happy like a scoop of ice-cream or a piece of cake.




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