Healthy diet for healthy hairs

Here is a healthy diet for healthy hairs. Expensive treatments and chemical products are not always helpful in making the hairs long and strong. Good and healthy food plays a very important role in maintaining hairs. Check out a healthy diet chart for beautiful hairs.

Tips for having long and  strong hairs;

Healthy diet
Healthy diet
  • Protein is important-

Just to be slim most of the girls skip their diet but in order to shed that weight they often forget that not taking a perfect diet directly effects our health which in turn weakens the hair growth making them dull and dry. For protecting the hair from falling and making them thick take adequate quantity of protein. Milk, cheese, curd and fish contains good amount of protein. Try eating oats in your breakfast this is full of proteins and at the same time helps in reducing weight.

  • Magic of vitamin A and B complex-
Vitamin A and B complex
Vitamin A and B complex

The beauty of the hair depends upon more that one nutritive elements. Vitamin plays a very important role in enhancing the beauty of hairs. Vitamin A and B complex not only give shine to the hairs but also stop hair falling by making them healthy. Fish liver oil, carrot, broccoli and green vegetables contains good amount of Vitamin A. Regular consumption of vitamin A is very beneficial for hairs.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables-

For keeping the hairs healthy minerals plays a very important role. In the list of important minerals comes- copper, zinc and iron. Dry-fruits completes the need of copper where as sea food is full of zinc. The deficiency of iron makes hair dry and dull which is fulfilled by green vegetables. Proper diet keeps the immune system under control which has the direct link with hair health.

  • Avoid spicy food-
Healthy hair
Healthy hair

If healthy diet can make hairs healthy then unhealthy diet can have a negative effect on them. Bakery products, oily food, alcohol, coffee, soft drinks etc are very dangerous for hair health. Always eat healthy and fresh food which can enhance the beauty of your hairs as beautiful hairs plays a very important part in improving the personality.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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