Healthy hairs tips

Whether your hairs are dry or soft one or the other problems are always associated with them. Their should be a healthy diet and proper guidance while handling hairs. Know some reason for hair fall and the remedies.

Healthy hair tips;

Strong and long hairs
Strong and long hairs
  • Do not comb hair from root to tip this results in hair fall, for untangling the hairs use blow dry by dividing them in parts. You can also apply styling products but avoid using them regularly.
  • Use post shower conditioners, this will make your hairs soft and silky. Applying gels causes hair dryness so it is suggested to go for a hair spa.
  • Hair dryness or falling can be reason of hormonal changes, but this doesn’t mean that hair problems will be ignored. Take care of your hairs by taking an healthy diet.
  • Take some time for styling your hairs, you can apply rollers to give them a heavy look. Keep them clean by regular washing for their healthy growth.
  • Having split-ends makes you hair dull and dry, it is better to go for a hair cut if this problems is increasing. Hair needs regular conditioning otherwise they starts depleting.
Hair care
Hair care
  • Conditioning damaged hairs gives them robustness which helps in the betterment of their condition.
  • Dandruff  effects hairs very much in winters or using more than required styling products is another cause, therefore avoid using any styling product or gels during winters.
  • You can also make a hair pack of lemon mixed with olive oil, vinegar and egg. Apply this for 20 minutes and wash of with a herbal shampoo.
  • For having super smooth hairs, soak fenugreek powder overnight and grind it well on the nest morning, now apply this on hairs and wash after some time. Use herbal shampoo for this purpose.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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