Healthy-tasty vegetable soup health benefits and recipes

Soups are tasty as well as healthy.In winters soups are one of the best diet to have as they are light plus are the treasury of health.We present special recipes of some hot and healthy soup in this article.Take a look below.

healthy veg soups
healthy veg soups

Health benefits of soups are known by almost everybody.Soups are liked by all age group and are one of the best source of nutrients.Same soups consuming every day makes our diet boring so why not try other options for taste change? Try different soups for for your family health.

Onion Soup

Pour one table spoon butter on a pressure cooker.Now add granular pieces of onions and cook until they become brown.Add 2 cup water and place lid on the cooker.Once the pressure comes out keep the mixture again for cooking on the gas.Mix 1 tablespoon of cornflour in 1/2 cup milk and pour it on the soup.Now you can add salt ,chili powder according to the taste.

Shelled peas soup-

Wash 1/2 kg shelled peas properly now cook them with two chopped onions.After cooling down grind the mixture in a grinder.Filter the shelled peas and put them to boil.Add 1 tablespoon cornflour in 1 cup milk and add it to the mixture.Now put the soup for cooking after-wards add salt and chili powder.You can also add come cream above the soup for taste.

Bean soup-

Pour 1 tablespoon oil in a cooker.Now cook the grinded onions until they get brown.Now Take 2 potatoes,1 carrot,boiled Cow-pea and granular pieces of garlic.Mix all of them after cutting into slices.Add 2 table spoon tomato puree to the mixture.Now 2 cup water,salt and chili powder should be added and put to cook for 20 minutes.For serving the soup use garlic bread.

Lemon soup-

Put 1 table spoon oil in a pan,add some mushroom pieces,2 spoon germinated pulses, 2 peeled baby corn,1 big carrot,green onion,and 1 green tea leaves.Now add them ad fry well.Now add 4 cup mix vegetable or chicken stock and put to boil.Add salt, lemon juice and granular coriander pieces.Serve with tasty seasonings.



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