How to maintain a perfect balance between taste and health?

We can not imagine Indian food without spices.They not only add taste but also give a texture as well as smell to the food.Apart from having taste benefits they are full of health benefits to.What all are the health benefits of spices? check out here for maintaining taste as well as the health.

Indian healthy spices
Indian healthy spices

Healthy Magic of Spices;

            1.  Asafoetida (heeng)– It is mainly used for seasoning the food and adds taste.

health benefits–  If is the best medicine to eliminate the problems of cough and stomach ache.In the problems of tooth ache when Asafoetida paste is applied from the outer side of the cheeks the ache vanishes.It is also used to reduce the stomach ache of a new borne babies.

         2.  Cinnamon (Daalchene)– It is used for seasoning in addition it is also used to prepare the hot spices.

Health benefits-    Cinnamon contains the benefits of healing and curing swelling problems.It is very advantageous when applied to an injury.Consuming Cinnamon reduces the blood cholesterol levels to a greater extend.

          3.  Herald (Elaichi)- It is used for flavoring tea,spices or sweets.It also gives a sweet smells and that is why it is added in almost all Indian deserts.

 Health Benefits-  Herald solves the problem of Indigestion.It is also advantageous to get rid of bad mouth smell.Its consumption is beneficial in Diabetes problems and it is also used in preparing various medicines.

Health benefits of spices
Health benefits of spices

           4.  Chili mirch)- It is used to add spice and color to the food.

Health Benefits– The anti-oxidant present in chillies are helpful in reducing cholesterol.It also burns calories which reduces weight.

          5.  Cloves (Loung)–  It is used for seasoning and preparing spices.

Health benefits– Cloves has health related benefits like anti-biotic,anti-septic,anti-viral,anti-fungal,anti-parasitic etc.Clove oil is very beneficial which help in reducing body pain,tooth ache and body swelling.It is also beneficial in problems like asthama.

            6.  Coriander (Dhaniya)–  It is mainly used for garnishing and its seeds are used for makinh spices.

Health benefits- It reduces angina,indigestion problems,allergies and fever.Its paste is very beneficial for thyroid and joint pain problems.When consumed in summers it gives relief from health problems occurring during summers.

Eat well stay fit
Eat well stay fit

Now it will be quite clear that our Indian spices not only contains taste but are full of health benefits to.Now while cooking food keep in mind about the taste as well as the health of your family.Eat well stay well !



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