Heel pain causes and prevention

Heel pain is a condition called Plantar Fascitis, also known as heel spur.The pain is dull in the beginning and becomes sharp as it progress.The pain is felt in the centre bottom and at the back of the heel sometimes.There are many reasons for the heel pain and the most common is due to overweight and continuous stress on the foot.

The Plantar Fascia is a tissue under the foot which joins the heel bone to the toes.The fascia is strong and flexible to support the body weight.But due to many factors such as obesity, age and incorrect use of the foot lead to continuous strain and tearing of the tissue which results in the inflammation of plantar fascia.

Causes of heel pain:

  1. Plantar Fascitis is the most common cause for  hell pain which occurs with the increase physical activities and incorrect foot functions.
  2. Bursitis is another condition that causes heel pain and swelling at the bottom of the heel.
  3. Obesity or overweight causes heel pain due to repetitive stress.
  4. Other causes include wearing unfit shoes,rheumatoid arthritis,gout and age.

Prevention of heel pain:

The heel pain can be self-prevented. Some of the ways are:

  1. Avoid walking barefooted.If you are suffering from heel pain then you should avoid running, walking for long time or up or down the slope, and standing for long period of time.
  2. Follow a regular foot and leg exercises.To prevent from any foot or leg injury the muscles should be flexible enough to support the weight.A good stretching exercise helps preventing the heel pain.
  3. Orthotics is the best way to prevent the heel pain.Many physiotherapists advise for orthotic insoles to support the arches.Orthotic hits the root cause of the pain that is  “bad foot bio-mechanics“.
  4. Apply a pack of ice on the heels for at least 5-10 minutes.This therapy reduces the inflammation and provides an instant relief to the pain.
  5. Anti-inflammatory drugs are also helpful in reducing the inflammation caused due to plantar fascia.

If the problem still persists then it is better you consult your doctor.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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