Fake Smile Secret :Pretending to be happy may be miserable

A new research says that pretending to be happy and smiling every time without any specific reason may lead to feel other people obscure.The research says that it could effect women more then the men pretending to be happy.

Dr.Brent Scott, Psychologist says “Smiling for the sake of smiling can lead to emotional exhaustion and withdrawl, and that’s bad for the organization.

Dr.Scott said the study shows that people those who go for faking smile all the time in the office spoil their mood and thus could not concentrate on their work and therefore their productivity drops.

Bosses may think that getting their staff to smile is good for the organization,but that’s not the necessary case” ,he added.

Dr Scott and his team members did the study on a group of people who wore faking smile all the time on their faces and second group of people who cultivate positive emotions by remembering the good memories.

He said”Women are harmed more by surface acting,meaning their mood worsen even more than the men and they withdrew more from work.”

Dr. Scott advised that women usually suffers more whenever they pretend to smile because they are expected to be more emotional at the times of expressiveness compared to men.And thus the faking smile or pretending to be happy goes against their usual behavior.

The study is published in the February issue of Academy of Management Journal.

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