Homeopathy treatment :India is growing rapidly in homeopathy treatment

France is the largest contributor to homeopathy in the world.It is no more a surprise that India  grabs  second position after France in Homeopathy.Homeopathy in India is increasing at the rate of 30% annually.Indian homeopathy treatment market foretasted to hit RM2.7 Billion this year.

A recent study done by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) showed that in 2009-10, 120 million people in India move towards homeopathy treatment to treat various diseases.

Assocham’s secretary general,D.S Rawat says “Over 75% of patients surveyed spoke very high for homeopathy ,arguing that though it takes longer to root out ailments but the treatment is safe and physiologically satisfactory for there are no side affects.”

The another reason for the growth in popularity of homeopathy treatment is that the personalized treatment along with more private interactions between the homeopathy physicians and patients in addition to lower consultation fees led people to switch from allopathy to the ancient health-care system.

Rawat further says that “Majority of them held that homeopathy users switch on to allopathy only on exceptional cases and in acute emergencies otherwise homeopaths are best consulted for removal of majority physical and other ailments.”

Homeopathy is very well successful in treating chronic diseases like hair and skin disorders,respiratory problems,arthritis,diabetes,thyroid,obesity and bed wetting.

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