Weight Loss: Neither Big Breakfast nor Low-fat food make you lose weight

It looks little confusing but now German researchers came with a new amazing fact that “Big Breakfast” not always mean that you are on a diet.It could lead to gaining more wait too.

A recent study contradicts the old saying that eating a big breakfast reduces total calorie intake over a day.Volker Schusdziarra at the Else-Kroner-Fresenius Center of Nutritional Medicine,Germany and his team conducted a study on 300 people,to note down what they usually ate.Among the group some ate big breakfast,others ate small and the rest skipped the meal.

Schusdziarra says “The results of the study showed that people ate the same at lunch and dinner,regardless of what they had for breakfast

Thus this proves that a big breakfast resulted in total increase in calories eaten over a day of about 400kcal.The researchers commented that a large breakfast can be balanced with substantially less during the day.They further says that if one really want to loose weight the National Health Service suggested restricted calorie intake,eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day and limiting the saturated fat and sugar.

On the other hand a celebrity trainer James Duigan says “I see so many people trying their best and it’s just not working because they don’t understand that it’s not fat that makes you fat,it’s sugar and it’s carbohydrates.”

You need to have balance diet with fish and chiken and meat and vegetables,berries,nuts and things like that.You need to look at how you can keep yourself happy and healthy throughout your life.”

Some of the healthy tips are:

  • Don’t buy cheap meat,if you can afford only one organic thing,be sure it’s meat.
  • Don’t eat foods  that weakens your abdominal wall that may lead to a protruding stomach.
  • Avoid sugar in every form,it fattens your mid-section.
  • Eat enough fibre,lack of fibre could lead to inflammation in the bowel.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and drink at least two litres of room temperature water everyday.

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