Brain Injury treatment:Now LED therapy to treat brain injury

Now people suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)  can live a far better life with the help of self administered light therapy.

The new research was examined in Boston University School of Medicine by Dr. Margaret Naesar and his colleagues from Massachusetts General hospital and Harvard-MIT division of Health Sciences and Technology.The study has been published in journal Photo medicine and Laser Surgery.

With the regular and daily use of light emitting diodes on the forehead and scalp improves the cognitive functioning and also reduces post traumatic stress in patents with brain injury.

The cellular metabolism improves better using photo therapy  technique that delivers red and near infrared light energy which provides physiological benefits.

Naesar and his colleagues studied the trans-cranial LED based light therapy on two patients suffering from traumatic brain injury.Both of them showed great improvement in memory,attention,focus and inhibition.

The study is really noteworthy, regarding the increase number of non-fatal traumatic wounds, along with rise in the frequency of dementia and similar disorders among older people.

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