How to choose right anti-aging cream?

You can make yourself age proof in just few days, apart from makeup, skin care , food and exercises there are lot of things which should be kept in mind. A little care while purchasing your anti-aging cream can the glow of your face.

Anti aging creams
Anti aging creams

Now a days market is full of anti- aging products, For this correct knowledge and a good suggestion is very important. Anti-aging creams not only lessens the fine lines of your face but also damages the texture, softness and shine of the face.

  •  CALA pi- If the anti-aging creams contains important elements then it works properly, Cala helps in making the new cells of the face.
  • 12 AHASA- It works from the inside of the skin, regenerates the dead cells and the face color starts clearing up.
  • Retinol- It increases the potential of making collagen in the skin so that the cells can be regenerated with a sweet smell.
  • Vitamin A- Less pimples, due to the removal of toxin because of anti-oxidants. Removal of free radicals and dark spots formed due to the hot sun rays.
  • Vitamin B– Vitamin B3 and B5 keeps the face moisturized. Removal of wrinkles and betterment of skin tone.
  • Vitamin C–  This is one of the powerful anti-oxidant for the face, which safeguards the texture of the face.
  • Vitamin E, glycerin and important elements like green tea and alpha hydroxide acid are also beneficial which
    Fresh fruits
    Fresh fruits

    removes the dead cells from the skin. These elements also works as sunscreen lotions.

Only applying creams would not do any magic in a night. Workouts can bring glow in your skin. Walking for at least 1 hour for 5 days in a week brings glowing effect on your face. In increases the blood circulation. Keep a check  on your diet, eat fresh fruits and milk which will keep you fit and healthy for later stages of life.


“The information present here is for general information please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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