Sandalwood; Skin care & Ayurvedic facts

Sandal powder is very effective in case of skin problems. It is obtained by slow rubbing subbing of sandal wood over a rough stone. Check out some benefits of sandal powder.

Sandalwood benefits
Sandalwood benefits

Skin care with sandalwood;

  • Dark spots– Make a concentrated paste of sandal powder and rose water and apply over the face for few minutes. As it starts drying up sprinkle water droplets, remove it by softly rubbing with hands.
  • Soft skin– Mix 4 table spoon powder with 2  table spoon almonds and coconut oil. Apply it over the face for 15 minutes. Remove it gently by warm water.
  • Pimples– Make a paste of turmeric and sandal powder. Also mix a pinch of camphor in it. Apply regularly over the areas of pimples and black heads to have instant and fast relief.
  • Other benefits– Sandal powder helps in the case of dry skin, skin irritation and helps in the removal of dead skin cells. Application of its paste over burn marks and insect bites helps in fast betterment of skin. Sandal syrup helps in increasing the apatite of a person.

Ayurveda and sandalwood;

  1. In case of fever apply the paste of sandal powder over the forehead, it helps in reducing temperature.

    Ayurvedic benefits of sandalwood
    Ayurvedic benefits of sandalwood
  2. Mixture of rose water and sandal powder can be used as deodorant or as a mouth wash.
  3. Honey, sugar along with sandal powder helps in indigestion.
  4. Candles containing sandal oil can be used a room fresheners.
  5. In case of dry skin, sandal powder along with milk are very effective for skin health.
  6. In case of headache, dermatitis and pimples paste of sandal powder can rose water could be applied.
  7. Migraine and stress could be reduced by simply burning a piece of sandal wood near yourself.


“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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