How to cut diseases through proper diet

Taking medicines for every health problem is not always preferable.Just consuming anti-biotic all the time will not solve the problem rather creates side-effects to.A proper diet check is very necessary for renaming fit and healthy.


Asthma is a health related problem in which the breathing tubes gets contracted many times and creates problem in proper breathing.If this problem is not treated within time consequences may become even more complicated as the air can get filled in your lungs which is very dangerous.A person can get asthma attack which can become regular with the passage of time.

During winters asthma patients are suggested to take extra care and precautions as the cold breeze effects their health adversely.A proper care should be needed regarding the diet of asthma patients.

What and what not to eat;

  1. Avoid eating milk or dairy products as they increases the problem of of asthma attacks and do not suits the patents.
  2. Try consuming honey daily as much as possible as it is a boon to asthma patients.It contains vitamin B and many minerals and helps in purifying the blood.
  3. Add those food in your daily diet which are rich in vitamin E like peanuts,apples etc as they are beneficial in decreasing asthma problem.
  4. Do not take bread related breakfast as it can make an asthma patient uncomfortable and can effect negatively.

Cold and cough;

Cold and cough is one of the common disease during winters which effects almost everyone.According to a research a person gets affected by cold for at least  3 times during a year.The symptoms are very common like fever,having cough,headache etc.For staying away from this problem it is very necessary to take a  good and healthy diet to keep our immune system strong throughout.

What and what not to eat;

  1. First of all it is very necessary to take your food at time.Drinking lot of caffeinated drinks and irregular intake of food is the first step towards having cold.
  2. Chicken soup  is very healthy and beneficiary for winters it not only keeps your healthy and warm but also provides energy to fight many diseases during winters.
  3. Garlic is very important to consume as it contains various health benefits.It is called an anti-oxidant which helps in killing the free-radicals from the body.It reduces the problem of cough and keeps your healthy and fit.
  4. Always remember to drink lots of water during a day as it will keep the body hydrated.You can also go for herbal tea.
  5. Take protein rich food which should be calorie free,Less fat containing food is very important to take during winters because this is the time when your can consume more and more of calories and grow fatty.So avoid calories during winters.
  6. Last but not the least eat different varieties of healthy fruits and as they helps in giving a tough fight to diseases and improves inner health.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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