Winter hair care tips

Hairs are supposed to be the jewelery of a woman.If proper care is not taken then winters can badly affect your hairs.The change in the season, environment, humidity,and temperature can cause harmful effects on your hairs.Healthy and strong hairs give a younger look and enhances your personality.In winters cold air makes hair dry and rough.

If gone unnoticed,your hairs may become dull and loose thier natural oil and moisture.

Here are some winter hair care tips to prevent the natural beauty of your hairs in winter season:

1)Hair Conditioning-Use a good conditioner and apply it after every wash to increase the strength, and natural shine of your hairs.In homes, coconut milk is considered as the best hair conditioner for all types of hairs.Wash your hairs with lukewarm water as hot water may damage your hairs..

2)Hair oiling-Oil is one of the best hair protectors in winters.It locks the moisture of your hairs and keep them shiny and healthy.

3)Treat Dandruff-Dry hairs are the root cause of dandruff, so do not let dandruff damage your beautiful and shiny hairs.To treat dandruff mix the juice of lemon and 3 tablespoon of yogurt on your scalp and use a good anti-dandruff shampoo.

4)Cover your hairs- The dry air of winters make your hairs rough and week.So, protect them from the dry wind and cover them with scarves specially silk scarfs because other stuff scarves, sweaters and hats can make your hair static and week.

5)Avoid heat- Avoid using much curlers, dryers, straighteners on your hairs.They make hairs dry and leaves your hairs rough and weak.It is better to apply some conditioner beforeĀ  using such appliances to your hairs for styling.

Moroccan oil is the best advisable oil for healthy hairs.Olive oil is also good and less expensive oil for hairs and is recommended to be applied weekly.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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