Coffee solves the problem of Endometrial cancer

Drinking at-least four cups of coffee a day decreases 25% cancer risk compare to those who takes only one cup a day.Coffee contains many health benefits and it can also be termed as a magical medicine for females.

This research on coffee is based upon Endometrial cancer which is very common in women now a days.Actually this caffeinated drink helps in reducing the level of insulin and estrogen circulation inside the body.As they both(Insulin and Estrogen) whenever gets increased gives birth to the problem of Endometrial cancer.This diseases effects the lining of the womb.

Some symptoms of  Endometrial cancer;

  1. Irregular uterine bleeding,
  2. having abnormal periods,
  3. Bleeding in between of periods,
  4. high bleeding in periods or instant bleeding and
  5. Unbearable abdominal pain.

Coffee is one of the drink that possesses great number of antioxidants which are beneficiary in one or the other way.Apart from all these benefits drinking coffee also cuts the risk of prostate cancer,liver cancer,skin cancer,depression,stress,diabetes and many more things.According to a latest study coffee contains more anti-oxidants than green tea.

Coffee is also been linked to smoking as drinking coffee can also reduce your smoking habits and creates positivity among individual’s health.It is a boon to women health and will serve more and more health benefits in the near future according to the researchers.

“The information present here is for general  purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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