How to have a girl child: Diet tips for conceiving a daughter

Want to give birth to a girl child? If yes,then you have to go through a fruits and healthy vegetable diet,according to the latest study.

By taking a healthy diet which is full of calcium and magnesium like eating soya beans,nuts before the days of conception can give you girl child.Those women who follow this diet increases their chances to give birth to a baby girl.

On a latest research done on some women it was concluded that by eating lots of healthy food including the above diet,85% women gave birth to daughters.In contrary to this those women who wants a baby boy can eat food rich in potassium and sodium like  bananas and potatoes.

According to the researches if the couples follow a good and correct diet they will be successful in selecting the sex of their upcoming  child.

In addition to this,eating a high calorie diet is more likely to generate a boy,where as food which contains no more than the approved calorie intake for a woman’s height will react towards having a girl.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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