How to test pregnancy at home?

It is not always possible that you run to a doctor for the confirmation of the pregnancy. Pregnancy test can be done at home very easily and you can do it any time even if you get a small doubt of your getting pregnant.

Home pregnancy test
Pregnancy test at home

Although pregnancy test at home is not 100 percent correct sometimes but you should be aware of pregnancy symptoms that can help you to make right choice at right time. Most of the women think that the first sign of pregnancy occurs when the period stops or be missed. Nevertheless, it is not the reason everytime. Missed periods may due to many other hormonal changes and health issues.

Some of the symptoms of pregnancy are- frequent mild headache, back pain, constipation, fainting and dizziness

How can you confirm pregnancy?


The very first symptom of pregnancy is cramping or spotting. The cramps are same as one experiences during the menstruation time. There could also be a slight white colored discharge from vagina which happens to occur right after the conception. This discharge is experienced during the entire pregnancy period but if is accompanied by burning sensation or foul smell you should consult your doctor.

Breast change-

Changes in the size and shape of the breasts occur during pregnancy. You can experience soreness or tenderness in your breasts especially if its your first time to get pregnant.Nipples may also turn dark and may appear bulky.

Frequent urination-

Frequent urination and every time getting up at nigh to urinate is another symptom for pregnancy. You should take this sign seriously as it may be a hint for you getting pregnant.

Morning sickness and mood swing-

One of the most usual symptom during pregnancy is morning sickness. However you can experience it at any time of the day. Morning sickness or nausea occurs due to the hormonal changes in the body. You can also feel vomiting sometimes and feel less interest for eating your favorite food as well.

During pregnancy body goes through drastic hormonal changes so you can also feel severe mood swings during any time of the day.

Apart from these symptoms another way to check if your pregnant or not then you can visit your nearest medical store and buy a pregnancy test kit for accurate results. Try to use morning urine samples for this test for effective and correct results.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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