Very simple things that makes us happy

A new study has revealed that the most common thing that makes a person happy is finding money in the pocket of an old coat or trousers.It is on on the top of the list of “success” in every one’s life.A survey which was done to find out the 50 things that makes people happy showed that happiness is easily accessible by all through the very simple things in our daily life.

how to be happy
Simple things that makes us happy

It is revealed through studies that people are mostly happy or are in jolly mood  on Saturday then any other day.Believe it or not but a pleasant sunny day is found to be highly responsible for the people to feel happy.

Hearing a baby laugh or smelling the freshness of morning  effects the mood of the person in a very better manner.The other crazy thing which makes people happy is getting up at night on tiles and finding no little trace of hangover.

Sometimes the person feels happy when he/she won the prize in a contest which they forgotten of even entering.Climbing in a train crowd with people and you find a single vacant seat for yourself is a very uplifting moment.

According to the study other moments which perk up the day for any person are- saving money on bills  a very unexpected refund of  money, or finding money in the  automated till of the supermarket.

The little and simple things that makes us happy are:

  • Getting money in a supermarket checkout.
  • Not having hangover after a big party night.
  • Getting a seat in a heavy loaded bus or train while going for work.
  • Winning a lottery ticket.
  • Saving a good amount of money on household bills
  • Losing weight upto 1/2lb.
  • Finding money in your old coat or pair of jeans.
  • Getting rebate or refund you never thought .
  • Going for a holiday
  • Eating cake and chocolates
  • Receiving a thank you card in the post or getting a bouquet of flowers as a surprise gift.
  • meeting with an old friend or going in a picnic.

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