Hypertension and its causes; latest research on blood pressure

A new cause of high blood pressure is reveled by the scientist.According to them high blood pressure is linked with a virus known as cytomegalovirus( CMV) which is highly infectious among most of the people.

The said virus is also connected with further health problems like heart attacks,kidney infections and diabetics.In further age it develops problems like atherosclerosis known as hardening of arteries.

People have to suffer from extensive hypertension which is the common stage of high blood pressure.Problems like cardiovascular diseases also creates problems to the patients.

The virus can effect any age groups and  can be a source of infections to.In some people the virus can be disclosed but in many others the symptoms remain unknown.Once the virus enters your body it becomes a tough job fight with it.It can also effects the immune system of the body.

The number of people who suffers from the problem of high blood pressure are countless therefore the problem is very common.Therefore many anti-viral therapies and vaccines would be provided by the doctors very soon.

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