Is Beer Good Good Or Bad Health

A beer a day keeps the doctor away

Claimed by the researchers of Spain. Moderate drinking of Beer cuts the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Moreover it could even help in loosing weight.

Is Beer Good Good Or Bad Health
Is Beer Good Good Or Bad Health

Astonishingly, Vitamins, folic acid,  iron & calcium are present in Beer. It provides the same health benefits which moderate drinking of wine provides.

Even the Doctors of Britain claimed that the moderate drinking of Beer is associated with good health.

How is it Good for health

The researchers found that a particular group of a compound substance which is present in hops, it is a crop which is used in the formation of Beer, reduces diabetes and blood pressure related issues.

But its good when consumed moderately. A pint of beer with food is good enough to serve the benefits.

A research was done upon  a group of people who moderate beer regularly for

Is Beer Good Good Or Bad Health
Is Beer Good Good Or Bad Health

a specific period of time. The results of the research showed that the people who drank moderate amount of beer regularly were less subjected to diseases like diabetes and blood pressure.

But the theory of beer being healthy does not apply when it is consumed in large amounts with food like sausages. It would rather prove to be bad if consumed like this.

I would suggest reader to drink a pint of beer and stay healthy.

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