Is Hair Straightening Safe Or Harmful

Hair straightening is something which has become a very popular trend among women and in some men. It seems most of the people are unhappy with their natural hair looks.

Is Hair Straightening Harmful To Hair
Is Hair Straightening Harmful To Hair

Countries like Us , India, Japan and some others have become a big market for the hair treatment companies. But only some people can afford to go to big expensive saloons where good quality products are available. Rest of the people fall for cheap and bad quality products sacrificing with their hairs.

How is Hair Straightening Harmful

Hair straightening besides your hair can even harm your eyes as the hair straightening products contain formaldehyde which could prove harmful. Formaldehyde is a substance which bind keratin to the hair and thus  straightening it.

Formaldehyde use was questioned by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as the use of the product was harmful. People working at the saloons were getting much exposed to the substance.

Frequent use of products containing Formaldehyde resulted in different kinds of skin allergies on on the clients as well as the workers. Cases of nose bleeding have also been reported.

How Does it Work

When the hair  straightening creme is applied on the hairs it breaks the hair structure. Then after that another creme is applied to give the hairs a straight form. This is a simple work but should be done with care.

There are products available in the market which does not contain

Is Hair Straightening Harmful To Hair
Is Hair Straightening Harmful To Hair

Formaldehyde but are a bit expensive.

Still proper care of the hair is still necessary to avoid hair fall and split ends. Post  straightening care is also very necessary.One should take all the precautions before applying any chemical product on the hairs.

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