Is Hookah Smoking Bad For Health : Hookah vs Cigarette

This is for all the Hookah Smokers who think that smoking Hookah isn’t bad for health.

Is Hookah Bad For Health
Is Hookah Bad For Health

Is Hookah Bad For Health, or is hookah better than cigarette all these are common questions raised by people who smoke or want to smoke hookah. But to all those who think its better – ” You’re absolutely wrong”.
Smoking in any form is bad for health but when it comes to hookah its worse.

Hookah has proved to be worse than Cigarette, according to latest studies.

Hookah has a great amount of nicotine within it. Nicotine  is a substance as we all know makes people addictive.

Hookah smokers believe that nicotine  gets cleaned in the water. Yes, water does reduces the intensity of nicotine. But even after its intensity is reduced it still has more nicotine than 5 average cigarettes.

Hookah Smokers are exposed to higher levels of carcinogens.

The smoke produced by a hookah contains carbon monoxide which is very dangerous. Regular intake of carbon monoxide has adverse side effects upon the body of  the person consuming, specially upon the lungs.

The greatest loss suffered by a hookah or a cigarette smoker is the Genetic cell damage, which in case of the Hookah smokersis greater.

Is Hookah Bad For Health
Is Hookah Bad For Health

Hookah has greater side effects due to its greater consumption. In one time an average smoker consumes more smoke in a Hookah than he or she would have consumed in a cigarette.

Consumption of Hookah can lead to Lungs cancer, diseases related to heart or respiratory diseases.

It is even suggested by Dr. Michael Miller who is the editor in chief of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, that Hookah has some adverse side effects, one should not consume Hookah till every aspect of its consumption becomes clear.


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