Jaggery health benefits;jaggery & semolina dessert recipe

Health benefits of Jaggery is equal to benefits derived from glucose that means consuming  jaggery enhances blood circulation inside the body.Jaggery is full of various health benefits.Its sweet flavor is because it is a  unrefined whole sugar.Check out some essential benefits provided by the consumption of jaggery.

jaggery health benefits
Jaggery health benefits

Health benefits of eating Jaggery;

  1. Jaggery help to keep the blood clean, regular consumption of jaggery improves the breath,cough or cold related problems.
  2. If after having the food you feel like eating some sweet,then by eating  little amount of jaggery improves the digestion power.Jaggery eliminates the  problem related to acid or indigestion.
  3. It is even beneficial in reducing heart related problems.Regular intake to jaggery improves health condition to greater extend.
  4. It has a disease resistance property which is beneficial in removing  joint pain.If you are having a joint pain problem add dry ginger to jaggery and consume it daily.
  5. If there is a cough related problem then by adding ginger with jaggery gives relief within seconds.
  6. A long kept jaggery is more beneficial to eat then the new one.
  7. According to the scientific researches 100 grams of jaggery contains 180 milligrams of minerals.It is more healthier to consume jaggery instead of sugar.
  8. 100 grams of jaggery contains 0.4 % protein,0.4 % phosphors,0.1 % fat, 0.8 grams calcium and 65 % sugar cane.
  9. Jaggery is full of vitamin B 1,B 2,vitamin c and small amount of vitamin A.
  10. Millet bread with jaggery is very healthy and a rich diet during winters.

Jaggery and Semolina  Dessert recipe;

jaggery and semolina desert
Jaggery and semolina desert

Material- 1 cup semolina,2 ripped banana,3/4 cup jaggery,1/2 cup coconut milk,2 table spoon clarified butter and 1/4 spoon cardamom.

Method-Grind 1/3 coconut mixed in hot water in a mixture and filter when it will be nicely mixed,your coconut milk is ready.Now roast semolina and add some butter to it until it gets golden brown. Take the jaggery and mash it well,now cut banana into small pieces,mix the jaggery and banana until it turns in a fine paste.Add this paste  to the golden brown semolina after some time add coconut milk and cardamom into the batter.Mix the batter well.Cast the batter into a butter touch up utensil and put it inside a pressure cooker for steaming.Place it for 15-20 minutes.After some time take the desert out from the cooker and cut into slices for serving.

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