Kerala celebrating the world Ayurveda festival

Here is good news for Ayurveda followers,a special global Ayurveda Festival is being organised in kerala(trivandrum) next year.

This great festival will start from 9th to 14th of February and will consist of various interesting programs which will focus on the benefits of Ayurveda.

There will be some seminars by experts to introduce the importance of ancient Indian system of medicine.As Ayurveda has captured a vast Indian market therefore it is decided to  make the Ayurveda awareness among people from different places.

Kerala health minister Adoor Prakash mentioned that Ayurveda is known worldwide for its health benefits and therefore needs more popularity.Soon the Festival logo will be out by Mr.Adoor Prakash.

It is one of the biggest event that is taking place and is organised by the Center for innovation in Science and Social Action(CISSA) jointly by the state Ayurveda department.

This six days event will be well balanced by the known experts and free clinics will be there to serve people by famous doctors and Ayurveda students.

The event will be focusing on the Ayurvedic development in addition to medicinal plants and herbal products.It will take place in the Kanakakunnu Palace in Trivandrum.

Renowned Professionals and associations will be the part of this Ayurveda festival.


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