Heart disease in women and its causes

A new research unveiled that after a heart attack woman heart is more able  to get to its normal functioning and regain its ability to contract and pump blood from the chambers of the arteries as compared to men.

The MD Director of Woman’s Heart Center in Los Angeles, Dr C.Noel Bairey Merz says  that heart disease works differently in case of women  instead of affecting the macrovasculature, the major blood vessels, it affects the miocrovascular-the minor blood vessels unlike in case of men.

He further says that the coronary heart disease existence is little in case of women compared to men because woman’s heart is less likely to lose the ability to pump the blood after a heart attack.

But frequency of decrease in level of oxygen and damage to the heart  increases as small blood vessels are affected instead of major arteries.This could be one of the reason that women are often misdiagnose and suffers the bad consequences.

Dr. Bairey Merz suggested that the damage to the blood vessels should be diagonises objectively rather than anatomically such as angiograms, reactivity testing or any other physiologic measures.


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